Environmental Initiatives

We are proud supporters of the Tiaki Promise and the Tourism Industry Association, Sustainability Commitment.

An image of Ross Beach Top 10 with the Tiaki New Zealand logo over the top

Our Sustainability Commitment

Here at Ross Beach TOP 10, we are on our journey working towards the NZ Tourism sustainability commitment aims, which are all about working towards a more sustainable Tourism sector.

Mannakitanga: We are committed to caring for our customers, our staff, our environment, and our community. We believe that visitors to NZ also have a commitment to care for New Zealand also and together, with respect and understanding, we achieve this.

Kaitiakitanga: Guardianship and protection of our land, so that future generations can enjoy our beautiful country.

A diagram showing the differences in appearance between a Weasel, a Stoat and a Ferret

Predator Free NZ

New Zealand has an ambitious goal to eradicate pests from NZ and be Predator Free by 2050. We support the local Ross community with trapping and have several traps around the perimeter of the park.

View of a West Coast Blue Penguin

The West Coast Penguin Trust

The West Coast Penguin Trust strives to conserve penguins and other seabirds on the West Coast, ensuring that they and the coastal environment are protected for their intrinsic values. Each November our guests can participate in the annual Penguin count, directly from our beachfront location. We provide nesting boxes during the season and the Little Blue Penguins nest in the flax bushes at the perimeter of the park. Footprints can be seen all year round… you might even see one of these little fellas just on dusk or sunrise.

Environmental Initiatives

Ross Beach Top 10 Holiday Park is committed to following the principles of sustainable tourism and have made the Commitment to Sustainable business practices.

There are 12 main principles covered by the New Zealand Sustainability Commitment: Covering Economic, Visitor, Host Community and Environment sustainability.

Initiatives undertaken at our park:

Local Community & Ecological Restoration:

  • The local community group WRENIS is working to develop the Chinese Memorial Gardens on the banks of the lake at Ross Domain, we have donated established Flax bushes for the landscaping and have twice donated accommodation for the Chinese craftsman that have built the entry statement & Pagoda.
  • Again this winter as part of the little Blue Penguin program we are building & installing nesting boxes around the coastal boundary of our park.
  • Each year we offer prizes to the West Coast Wilderness Trail users and help with the annual trail race, along with the community Ross Fun Run annual event.

Carbon Reduction;

  • All lighting in the park is either by sensor, solar power or uses LED light bulbs.
  • All heating in the accommodation pods is by thermostatic controlled units to reduce excessive wastage, and the communal facilities have automatic sensor radiant heaters

Waste Management;

  • You will find General Refuse, Plastic, cardboard & Glass recycling stations around the park, they are located at the communal kitchen and at the walkway entrance on the powered sites.
  • Upon check in all guests with accommodation reservations receive a reusable hessian bag for separating refuse.
  • We ask all guests to help us with our recycling effort as we aim to recycle as much as possible. Our park does not have a collection service and we remove everything ourselves to the Hokitika landfill & transfer Station site some 30km away.
  • Within the camp kitchen we have introduced food scraps bins that we empty into our Hungry Bin worm farm. Making worm ”tea” for use around the park.
  • Around the park we use biodegradable refuse sacks, avoiding all single use items.
  • In our accommodation bins we have gone naked! We use a paper circle disk, removing the need of a plastic bin liner.
  • Our in-room guest amenities are sent to Hamilton periodically as part of the Weka Hotel Program. There they are made into pods for reinforced concrete constructions.
  • Other examples include guest’s milk & breakfast pack are in reusable bottles and stainless-steel canisters or bamboo boxes.
  • All Nespresso capsules are collected and returned to Nespresso for recycling. This also includes the capsules from the Coffee Cart in Reception.
  • All coffee cups are compostable, with the alternative “Keep Cup” available for sale.
  • Guests are also encouraged to use their own cups, and to refill their water bottles from our parks supply.

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