Dog Friendly

Our Dog Friendly Policy

We are a pet friendly park

We love dogs here at Ross Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park, and we encourage you to bring your fur family with you if your holidaying in your own accommodation, i.e. Camper van, motorhome.

Unfortunately we do not allow pets in tents or in or at our accommodations.

Holiday parks can be busy places, especially during peak seasons. With people moving on and off site, there are always vehicles around. Cars, caravans and motorhomes pose a potential hazard to your dog. On-site, your four-legged friend must always be secured on a lead to prevent them getting into an accident.

One thing we love more than a dog is a well behaved dog! If your pets will be staying with you we ask you to adhere to the following conditions of stay:


1.   Pets must  be on a leash at all times due to the number of native birds/animals/park resident cats (and occasional children!) We reckon the best place for an off the lead run is at the local domain in Ross township.

2.   Barking must be kept to a minimum especially at night by 10pm. If your pet is causing a disturbance you will be asked to leave without refund.

3.   Please clean up after your pets, their business must be picked up, wrapped and disposed of in the bin. We sell doggy bags in reception.

4.   No pets to be left unattended in your vehicles, even if your only at the beach.

Your fur family is most welcome

5.   Pets must not enter the communal amenities or accommodations. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are complying with these rules at all times.

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